SMB MarketIntelligence

Integrated, seamless data services solutions to improve your bottom line.

SMB MarketIntelligence, our data services brand, provides a wide range of high quality data services specifically for companies that market to small to mid sized businesses.

Utilizing proprietary business databases plus the complete national business telephone directory file our main service categories include:

  • List/Data Rental of your business prospect base with numerous data selects available for targeting and segmentation. Special data rentals are also available such as: New Business Movers and Telephone Connects and Canadian Data.
  • B2B Append processes, where you can append and/or reverse append a number of data elements to your own customer files.
  • Data Hygiene services, i.e.: merge/purge processes, NCOA processes, etc.

These processes can be combined with any other process or as a stand-alone process, allowing you to enhance your prospect or customer database(s) for marketing campaign effectiveness and improved ROI. More than that, our fees are competitive and our results are guaranteed.

List / Data Rental Services

Through our 20+ yrs of working within the SMB market, we have access to over 14.3MM unique company records. It is more than just a compiled file. It features specialty selects from multiple industry leading data providers for added precision in targeting. For B2B Marketers, it is available for:

  • Enhancing your customer & prospect records with business demographics (firmographics)
  • Creating targeted market segments
  • Identifying prospect accounts for marketing programs

You can combine standard selects (including industry, business size, location, etc.) with unique industry-specific selects to find more of the companies that need exactly what you're selling.

Sampling of data selects currently available:

  • SIC Code (2, 4, 6 or 8 digit)
  • Sales Volume
  • Number of Employees
  • Phone Number
  • Opt-in Email Addresses
  • Contact Names
  • Number of PCs or LANs a company has on site
  • Whether a company has a 401(k) or other defined contribution plan
  • Past and projected industry growth by location
  • A company's estimated energy usage (in dollars and megawatt hours)

Sampling of custom list/data files available:

  • Reverse Phone Append
  • Wireless Identifier

For more information on how this service can be used in your marketing programs, contact one of our sales representatives at (866) 441-0245.

B2B Append Services

SMB MarketIntelligence has multiple services and processes to enhance your existing databases, to improve your targeting, reach and response rates.

Sampling of append processes:

  • Business Telephone Append
  • Business Telephone Verify and Append
  • Email Append
  • Reverse Telephone Append (covering a multitude of data elements)
  • Reverse URL append

Business Telephone Append matches your customer or prospect file to our multi-sourced Business database. Where a match exists, you will be supplied with a phone number. If you have phone numbers on your file, B2B MarketDirect will verify them, saving you considerable processing costs. We can also provide you with Time Zone Application and Area Code Updates. Telephone append charges are calculated on a number of records matched plus passing charge or minimum, whichever is greater. Passing charge is based on gross input, matched charges are based on records appended. This service requires a Phone Services Processing Acknowledgement Form.

For more information on how this service can be used in your marketing programs, call and speak to one of our sales representatives.

Data Hygiene Services

SMB MarketIntelligence offers several Data Hygiene Services, that when used alone or together improve your ability to identify and contact your target audience. These processes not only allow you to save on mailing and printing costs, it enhances sales and translates into an improved ROI.

Sampling of Data Hygiene processes:

  • NCOA® (National Change of Address) - save money by reducing your undeliverable mail and reducing your printing and postage costs, while increasing response rates.
  • Canadian COA
  • LACS (Locatable Address Conversion System) - Locatable Address Conversion System.
  • Merge/Purge Services - duplicate identifier

NCOA® improves deliverability by providing new addresses for households, individuals and businesses that have moved. The NCOA® update process compares each source record to the United States Postal Service® National Change of Address database. The records that match are returned with the new address of the individual, family or business that moved, type of move and move effective date, or a flag noting that no forwarding address is available. The NCOA® database currently has over 110+ million records for a 48 month period. Caution should still be taken in changing the address of record on files if they are from an operational system, since your address data may be more current than the United States Postal Service®.

New Business Movers/New Business Connects List

Weekly Data is based on daily Telco feeds of new connects and disconnects combined with intelligent logic to identify new movers. Mover types include:

  • New Business Mover - New Address and New Phone Number
  • Existing Business Mover - New Address, Ported Prior Number
  • Listing Change Only - Not a New Mover
  • Listing Addition Only - Not a New Mover
  • Delete/Disconnect - Listing no longer associated with the address and or phone number (move out, VoIP, port to wireless, out of business condition)
  • Number Disconnect Only - Name and other lines remain at address.

For more information on how this service can be used in your marketing programs, call and speak to one of our sales representatives.

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