Internet Marketing for Demand Generation

Internew Marketing Overview

Why Internet Marketing?

The internet has emerged as the new marketplace. Studies have shown that over 90% of all technology purchases begin on-line. Are you capturing your market share?

Benefits to using the internet in your marketing campaign are:

  • Customers are more apt to download information than take a sales call
  • Information is available 24/7
  • Multiple asset types can be used (ie white papers, case studies, webinars or a combination)
  • Easy to trace, measure and test.
  • Allows for Global marketing in multiple languages
  • Effective way to expand your target audience into other locations or verticals.


We work closely with you to find the on-line advertising and demand generation solutions that deliver value. By generating customized solutions we maximize your marketing spend to achieve the best return on your investment.

What sets B2B MarketDirect apart is our experience and approach. We utilize:

Dedicated Account Management:

  • Be on call any time of day, with intimate knowledge of your unique needs.
  • Assess your needs through a Program Implementation Planning Session to review the Implementation Plan and outline the Program Launch Milestones.
  • Do research to determine the best vendors to fit your needs.
  • Handle contract negotiations with each vendor.
  • Be responsible for the launch of each program and preparing new portals on the reporting website.
  • Work with our Quality Assurance team to ensure only opportunities that meet your needs are passed along.
  • Alert you of any deviations in a timely manner.
  • Email you lead reports on a regular basis.

Extensive Network of Vendors:

  • Our vast network of vendors gives us the ability to deploy different assets, allowing for a unique delivery system tailored to your individual message.
  • We work with specialized vendors for fresh and unique market segments
  • While we do have preferred vendors, remaining independent of any one allows us to pursue specialized vendors who can meet your unique needs without driving up costs. Additionally, we are free to pursue multiple quotes and unique marketing strategies for every client, keeping prices competitive and the level of service as high as possible.
  • We maintain close relationships with each vendor which allows us to quickly resolve any campaign issues without affecting delivery.

On-line Reporting:

  • B2B MarketDirect offers a unique reporting website, built specifically for our non-voice clients.
  • Moreover, our dedicated IT/IS staff is able to make changes to your reporting site on the fly at any given time.
  • Your campaign’s status
  • A brief description of your campaign
  • Access to your latest lead report (in Excel format)
  • Snapshot view of your campaign’s progress
  • Notes from your dedicated account manager

Learning and Development Oriented

We take pride in continuous development of our management team. We keep learning and improving so we can always provide you with the highest level of service.

Our experience and knowledge include:

  • Knowledge of unique challenges and strengths in many markets
  • Cross industry/ vertical market experience
  • Direct marketing expertise