Consulting Services

Outbound Teleservices

Put our experience to work for you. Specializing in Outbound B2B and Customer based B2C Programs, our experienced staff can provide a full array of results driven consulting services without the exorbitant fees. Our consulting services start and end with only senior, "real world" experienced individuals that have started outbound centers, or have been involved in the growth of outbound centers.

Outbound Contact (Call) Center Design & Implementation:
Looking to launch a new center or bring an existing outsourced program in in-house or simply looking to improve results? Leverage our 30+ years of experience in all facets of the establishment and development of an outbound contact center. We can assist you in all or some of the following components:

Staff profiles and selection:

All successful call centers start and end with the right personnel at all levels. Having the right set of hard and soft skills is paramount to successful execution. Let us utilize our experience to assist you in staffing an Outbound Contact Center.

Technology Requirements:

Having the right set of technologies to fit your outbound centers needs and objectives not only helps ensure proper execution of your program(s), but it has a large impact on your bottom line. Making the wrong decisions on your Technology infrastructure can have significant financial consequences. We have the experience to help guide you and provide recommendations on several options from which to choose...always objectively.

Space Design:

The design of your Outbound center is crucial to your productivity on so many levels; management, work flow, morale, quality assurance turnover... even recruitment. Let us utilize our experience in the design and development of Outbound Contact center facilities to provide recommendations on design and supplier sourcing.

Call Guide (Script) Development:

Writing a Call Guide that gets attention in that crucial first 30-45 seconds, creates interest by providing a clear, concise reason for call, value proposition and call to action is a real genuine skill. Our team has experience in developing literally thousands of Call Guides. Let us create a Call Guide for your new program or as a test against your current Guide.

Sales/Teleservices Training:

We have extensive experience in the development and execution of Sales and Lead Generation training in the outbound environment. All Training programs would be developed with the collaboration of your team.

Reporting Design & Development:

An important component of a successful Outbound Center is its reporting capabilities. The need to have the right reports, providing accurate data, in real time, is a necessity in today's contact center environment. Our extensive capabilities include web-based real time reporting applications designed specifically for your needs. We can build proprietary custom reporting programs or modify current or "off the shelf" programs...all at a very competitive cost.

Outbound Teleservices Vendor/Partner Selection:
Looking to outsource a new or existing program? We can work with you to find the right fit for your company. There are many variables to consider in finding the right vendor. Too often companies make the wrong choice, which can be very costly on so many levels. Leverage our 30+ years of experience in the industry to drill down on all the criteria required to get the right fit for your needs.